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Age of Empowerment #5

It had been a week since the crew of the Voba started their hunt for the Black Six. Gaelsudor had spent most of time training with Tasser in one of the cargo bays. Recent events had him distracted. His home on Galcia was destroyed in the Black Six’s raid a few days ago. He tried to focus on the anti-Qua techniques Tasser was showing him but the burden was taken its toll.

            Gaelsudor dodged a tornado kick from Tasser but he couldn’t avoid the image of the shattered space elevator collapsing on the capitol city. Millions of people died in the collapse alone. He heard his home province was decimated by falling debris. An entire province reduced to a smoldering crater. It was too much.

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Age of Empowerment #4

                      Known but unexplored star system


            The Black Six vessel laid in orbit of a two star system waiting for its next target. They had just finished a bombardment run the Galcion homeworld and several colonies. The final target was about four light years away. It was also the location where they needed to drop off a massive signal beacon. For now they were taking long distance scans and waiting for the final order from their client on Ialda. So far none of their other targets had shattered like Recludar had. But Deun could not let the issue drop.

            He found himself sitting in his room he established eons ago as a place to ponder anything he wished. At first he pondered the concept of sitting. He did not need to sit and could spend all eternity upright. It was the acquisition of ancient chair that inspired him to try sitting down. He soon took a liking to it but could never ascertain why. Perhaps he liked the idea of lowering himself in a room full of his past conquests and burying himself in history.

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Age of Empowerment #3

            "Commander Sould, I am still curious on how you managed to contact Gaelsudor," Tasser asked they walked down the corridor leading to the starboard hanger of the warship. His metal feet clanged loudly on the floor.

            "Well it hasn’t been easy with the way communications traffic has spiked in light of recent events." Sould replied, "Even harder when we have to keep it secret."

            "Commander, your heart rate jumped at that statement," Tasser said with his glowing blue eye focused on the commander, "You are hiding something from me."

            "Built-in lie detector?" The commander asked quickening his pace.

            "Advanced Qua sensors and past dealing with beings like you," Tasser replied as he broke into a run leaving the commander far behind.

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Age of Empowerment #2



            A small shuttle craft broke through the atmosphere of Spirion Colony 45 into the cold of space. Its lone occupant checked the instruments. No one was pursuing him. A blinking red light on the communication panel drew his attention. The pilot pondered for a moment whether to answer or not before hitting the receive button. He believed he had time for one last jest with his former captors.

            "Well admiral, looks like I made it through your security," the pilot gloated.

            "Gaelsudor, what are you doing?" spoke a monotone yet regally dressed Spirion man.

            "Your little detachment had me stuck planetside for two weeks, there are people out there that need my help," Gaelsudor replied, "You didn’t think I would try leaving?"

            "We’ll stop you."

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Age of Empowerment #1

This universe is a hostile place. Even under the most peaceful planetary nights there are a myriad of phenomenon in the void of space that could destroy even the most powerful of the universe’s inhabitants. Even the meteors exploding above the planet Recludar are heralds of such a destructive force. But this is not a natural phenomenon. No, the explosions one on the surface would see are the results of a battle, a battle that the ships of the Reclian Armada have just lost.         

“Deun, the last of the Reclian Armada has been crippled, they fight us no more,” said an armored mechanical being on the bridge of a single sleek ship in orbit surrounded by burning debris.

            “Excellent work as always Quezdon. Begin the bombardment,” replied Deun, leader of the Black Six.

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